Get ready for the next big DRM, 'Project Phenix'



Get ready for the next big DRM, ‘Project Phenix’.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Hard disk drive maker Western Digital and memory card giant SanDisk have partnered with movie studios Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group to launch a next-generation digital rights management model that supports the industry's fledgling UltraViolet digital distribution platform.

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What’s the point of DRM on one format when there’s another format that offers the same product thats cracked?

If you have DRM because you have a digital copy of star wars on your drive, its not going to stop other people from downloading bluray rips off the internet? I don’t get it.


So, if they upgrade their hdds, our replace their hdd, then everything goes back to locked, or your new hdd gets thrashed while it re-encrypts your drm infested files! Yay, just what I’ve always wanted. A crappy drm scheme to destroy my new hdd, our at least greatly reduce it’s operating life.