Get ready for more Linux netbooks

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A wave of netbooks running a new Linux distribution should be announced in a week or two, according to a director at Intel.

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From what I’ve seen the netbooks out there aren’t really a good value, they are largely overpriced considering your getting what is essentially a FREE operating system. 9" netbooks that should be going for $149 online are going for $199 those at $199-399 are at least $50-100 overpriced considering they are in the NETBOOK class and not the LAPTOP class of portable computers! So, maybe a new GLUT of them is just what we need to further push down pricing and increase competition again. The problem is, most consumers shun netbooks without an o/s which they understand and know how to use… like microsoft products… so it will take a massive education of the cosumer first before consumers will be comfortable buying!

The problem with many Linux netbooks so far has been the garbage distributions they shipped with along with the lack of support and updates from the manufacturer.

I sure would like to try out a netbook with Moblin on it… I might just google and see if the version 2.0 is available for download. Right now, i’m running windows 7 on My netbook and I love it! But, I have to load up on the RTM version next month when I get it, so - why not put Moblin on whilst I am at it and try out a new OS?

Success of Linux is limited by the lack of strong support.
The advantage of Windows is a strong policy of unity and continuation.
Why not a manufacturer should not take the charge to deliver the support, improvements and updates of the Linux system they install. The follow-up is a real need.

Why not Asus for example ?
Or will Moblin be an integrator by itself for a more popular netbook system ?

ths reminds me of leaner laptops, and now full circle again. first pc laptop(15", cpu AMD mobile sempron LV, 1600 mHz(8x200),60gb hard drive(4200 rpm), 640 mb ram, gpu ATI radeon xpress 200M) w/ win xp pro, and w/ helping sugestions from the net and comrades from net learned how to clean up the junk and fat programs, and some tweaks (out w/ adobe, ms office, norton ugh, to using foxit, open office, avg free, mozilla firefox browser) to become good lean machine; problem still runs hot compared to newer laptops.
discovered at that time how big and intrusive google was, though it does have useful tools (eg, language tools/translator).
next come the challenges of mem, and multitasking, more ram, heat, and wireless security issues; what about a faster cpu, increased mem w/ faster hard drive(7200 rpm, hmm), what of the heat, what of the battery hours.

the 15" (not widescreen) was big and heavy, want smaller; note, the 13"w (16:9 ratio) give aprox video size as the prev 15".
rdy for new laptop, the netbooks </=11" are 2 small for me(screen, keyboard), found a sweet 12.1" laptop w/ touchscreen (hp touchsmart tx2); tested out 1 w/ hands on, has great keyboard, great sound speakers(altec lansing), 12.1" handles video and basic games w/ good view, has easy key to switchoff the touchpad(great for gamers), has avail switch to easy switchoff wifi; has cpu AMD turion 64 x2 dual-core mobile 2.2 or 2.3 gHz w/ 1mb L2 cache, or the x2 ultra 2.3 or 2.4 gHz w/ 2mb L2 cache, hard drive options 160/250/or320gb hard drive(5400 rpm; 7200 rpm yes though would use up battery more =no), 2gb ram(up to 8 gb ram max), ATI radeon graphics hd3200, and option for bluetooth. not sure what causes more heat, so decided to just go lean.

i havn’t used win7, heard its leaner than vista; though searched up the specs for win7,

as much as laptops are pushn in more and more into smaller laptops, not sure to call the smaller as leaner; though using mobile laptops(esp wifi or mobile broadband), requires compatible speed for use w/ internet media, games.

have talked/ and read about linux, appears not bad, and at ths time would like options (not dependent on ms win os, yes getn fed up w/ ms); yes am rdy to learn linux.
important, have researched the gpu/ or videocards options avail for 12-13" laptops, for support for drivers downloads for linux os; of the laptops i liked, the ATI radeon HD3200 had driver download for linux x86 and x86_64. had no results for intel gma 4500mhd, or nVidia ge force g105m gpu’s (note, intel and nVidia have driver downloads for linux, u should check for the specific gpu; had answer re, intel cards drivers are already bundled in the x server(not sure what bundled in the x server means). yes i am learning, always have.
hearing about google chrome option for os doesn’t excite me, like i said big operation and intrusive. re, moblin, would like more info (sounds like a tool for linux, sort of like YaST), hmm.
at ths time, believe decided to get the hp touchsmart tx2 (though dont require touchscreen, and dont like the crazy pattern print on the cover, prefer plain color options; maybe i spray paint cover and delete warranty, jk ;p), not cheap like netbooks though meets uses for me; plan to partition hard drive for 1. linux, and 2. win xp pro / or win 7. no toe in the water, get in and swim, ha.

the more and more people using linux, the more the developers/engineers whoever, wakeup and support become avail.


  1. have found more cpu info, from: notebook check, laptop video graphics cards, benchmark list > comparison of graphics cards (initial lead from ref from myCE forum: “Re: Looking for a new laptop”, under computer hardware > general hardware forum; from dizzzy’s post re, nVidia and ATi gpu’s 02-09-2008, thx dizzy),

the ATi radeon hd 3200 had note: (Beware: under win xp the hd 3200 may have no 2D acceleration because of a driver problem).
= good warning if u want option of downgrade to using win xp w/ ths gpu, unless the problem has been fixed (having second thoughts of the hp touchsmart tx2, 12.1", and if u wanted to downgrade to win xp make sure u have win xp tablet edition); xp tablet ed. avail online as of ths post date.

  1. nVidia does have support for linux drivers for the ge force g105m,

you can check for your gpu, and determine if regular driver or legacy driver(earlier drivers not regular supported), in the appendix a.,

more release info and notes,

  1. intel has support for linux drivers downloads, though had some fun navigating to find ths,"linux"
    type in ‘linux’ in search downloads box, click search downloads, and select category(s)


corrections for posted site errors, addendum, 12 oct 09 22:03

  1. nVidia does have support for linux drivers for the ge force g105m, found nVnews forums/ linux support forums,

check ‘sticky: current nvidia linux graphics drivers release’

and at bottom, u can check 'appendix a’
u can check for your gpu, and determine if regular driver, or legacy driver(earlier drivers not regular supported but supported as legacy drivers), in the appendix a.,

more release info and notes,