Get no burn faster then 32x

I have a Plextor Premium CD writer but have actually quite problems with my cd and dvd (with GSA-4160b) burns. I’m getting “avoided Buffer under-run” messages with Nero and Plextor and the buffer indicators are very instable in general. Things i tried already.

I made 2x burns under my W2k partion and 4x burns under the XP partion with the new feature of writing a data-cd in NERO CDSPEED 4.51.1. Just to make sure this isn’t a system configuration problem.

Then i took off the gsa-4160b from the board and just connected the Plextor at the secondary master (before gsa-4160b was secondary master and Plextor slave). Just to check if it could be a power problem of an insufficient supply. I also changed the 40pin cable to a 80pin one.

I included some screen shots of the frustrating results. I added some comments right to the pictures. I just where experimenting with disableing background/ taskbar processes.

Please help. Thanks.

I just tried another burn with connecting the GSA-4160b to secondary master as only device with normal 40pin cable and got finally above 32x but with ugly curve. It just seems so weird.

As I recall, the Premium slows down the burn speed to maintain burn quality. Have you disabled this to get your faster speeds. I would actually leave it alone and let the drive run the show. Mine slows to 20X with a lot of media. One of the reasons I got it was for this feature.

The ATIP CD/DVD-Speed reports identifies your discs as:

CMC 48X 32X 80min 97:26:66 - 79:59:74 Phthalocyanine
CMC 48X 52X 80min 97:26:66 - 79:59:71 Phthalocyanine

(taken from the PX-760 media list). So if those are of the 32x type (third column is vedor rated speed) it may be totally normal that overspeeding them will not succeed or the drive will slow down even below 32x to guarantee quality.

well, thanks for the comments.
maybe it’s really the media but i don’t want to experiment with more quality media.

It’s CMC 48x vendor rated and PLASMON 52x vendor rated so i can’t really rely on the PX-760 list because the CMC 97:26:66 - 79:59:71 is listed as 52x and the other as 32x and i have the premium drive. actually a good detailed list (vendor rate - possible write rate) i would wish for my premium. the one plextor has for my mine only includes recommended media. i’ll stick with experimenting…Thanks again.

CMC is middle of the road quality. I burn a lot on my Premium because it is almost impossible to get a deal on anything else. My Premium drops almost all the CMC to 16-20X and the burns are decent. I would limit this stuff to 24X if you want the best burns.

Things just seems to be better now. Plextor at secondary master now and gsa-4160b at slave position. before i had it reverse.

Here are the scans.
Thanks to all.

The 1. burn is made under XP, the second at my W2k partion.