Get nero to make a mpg data file that is longer than one hour



Sorry… I pposted this in the newbie forum, and it probably belongs here

I changed dvd writers, and can no longer use my old writer, and had to switch to nero

I used to use sony cd extreme and it would wirte dvd data disks with two files, each a little over 2 gig, that my dvd player could read

The problem now, with nero, is that the dvd player sees an hour of the film, even if all the data of a 2 hour film is recorded ( according to the size in windows)

I’d really like to stick to recording data files, since it has worked so well in the past but cannot get nero to record so that the dvd player recognizes the entire file

I’m sure it is just a switch I’m missing

In nero info a god disk (created by cd extreme) read
file system iso9660,joliet,udf

a disk that will only play an hour in the dvd player reads
filesystem ,udf

So… I’m reasonably sure it is the file system, but how do I force nero to create the correct system?

Can anyone help

Typically , I copy 2 files, each ~2.1 GB onto the disk


let me try to be more clear. Nero udf is somehow getting stuck on the 1 GB barrier

Here is the test I took a mpg file (1 hr 43 min 57 sec = 6237 sec= 2.277308 GB) and encoded it onto a nero disk as a data disk in udf format

Displayed on the video player all I could see was (487 min 49 sec= 2869 sec =>1.048404)

The ratiop of the time I can view to the the total time is the same as the ration of 1 GB to total file size

For some reason Nero is getting stuck at a 1 GB limit when writting udf files

So far I’ve tested UDF 1.02 ad 2.0 with the same results. the last thing to test is udf 1.5

Can anyone please help?