Get my RMA plextor 716a from my vendor



Actually they replace me with a new drive. TLA#0306, newer than my fault TLA#0203. I’ve tried my scan and i though my drive are ok now. Thx all guy before to help me find out my drive problem.


i found the PIE value after 3.5G were quite high, therefore i did a writer transfer test. The result is quite interesting, tdkmedia[ttg02] (red line) was limited to 6x, and verbatim (mcc003) writing speed drop near 4g. This is the reason for the high PIE i thought. My question is, is it a fault media problem? i 've flashed my 716a to fw1.07 already.


A maximum PIE count of 54 is not bad at all so personally I wouldn’t worry about that scan. You might want to perform a SUM8 test just to be sure that there aren’t any spikes in that scan because, generally speaking, the SUM8 scan reveals possible problem areas better than a SUM1 or BURST scan. Personally speaking, after I burn a disc I run it through Nero CD-DVD Speed’s Read Speed test and if the graph is smooth, it’s a good burn (for me). You can also use PlexTools to perform a Read Speed test but I prefer Nero CD-DVD Speed because it starts up quicker.


i think GF meant “perform a SUM1 test” and “the SUM1 scan reveals possible problem areas better than a SUM8 or BURST scan.”

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Ouch! Touché! :stuck_out_tongue: You’re completely right, SUM1 reveals problem areas sooner than SUM8!


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