Get it off your chest

Anything you want to say about me, say it. Just to let myself know how popular i am, im probably going to feel bad about this one but hey…

Nows your chance…:wink:

If you knew my mom, you would change your location immediately :wink:

Umm…nice shoes?

hmmm… i would have thought Kitna would be here by now :wink:

I’ve stolen your mini-me!!!



sausage roll?

The need to create this topic explains it all if you ask me :wink:

The litral translation is this

:iagree: :iagree:

Have you been to a psychiatrist lately? I am just curious whether UFO’s & conspiracy theories feature highly in this world of yours.

Dude. Settle!

who are you talking about?

Need I say more?

nope :stuck_out_tongue:

merther02, I haven’t been reading a lot of your posts, but I’ve read some of them… Some of them are quite informative (keep it that way). Sometimes times you walk on the edge, but it’s no big deal (at least not to me), as long as you stick to the rules.

If you don’t do that, the Mods/admins should ban you. Well… it doesn’t seem like you’re banned, therefore you haven’t violated any rules. You properly just have some disagreement with a couple of people around here.

I’ve seen (a few) “superstars” from around here going way further without getting any bad reviews. That’s fucking life, you’ve better accept it or leave this place.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I disagree

:rolleyes: who is merther02 :bigsmile: ?

I was gonna ask the same question… great minds think alike, right Norty?

You kids don’t travel much into the other forums, do you;)

lol, I was thinking that!!!

If you two ever left the “Questions only” & the “Shorty N69r & Gil T get a room” thread, you might know :wink:

Merther, change your avatar. Balding blokes have never been sexy.