Get into bios on 486 machine

Before you laugh, i was given a compaq CDTV 528 its a 486 with 16mb ram, its got 3.1 installed but i want to try and get 98se running on it but i cant fathem how to get into the bios on this thing if i press any key as its booting it comes up with a keyboard error, ive been told the bios could be on the hard drive if so i aint got a clue how to get to it, normally i’d throw stuff like this in the bin but its an all in one monitor and unit and i quite like it, if possible i want to see if this little guy can run on my network (has built in network card) and be used just to play mp3’s :wink:

To go HP/Compaqs site and have a look for “Softpaqs”.
Be aware though, 486 CPUs will have performance issues decoding MP3s.

ive worked it out finally, its not exactly what you’d call a bios but a program on a seperate partition, thanks for the help