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I just posted the article Get IE 6 Final for all OS at Microsoft….

Internet Explorer 6 has been available for some time right now. Using the active setup, you can download & install it on your system.
If you want to download & install it on serveral OS’s you need…

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IE 6 ROCKS!!! It even crashes more than IE 4! [and THAT was a notorious crasher]. What i mean: keep your hands of this tool… BTW: there stays ‘more security’… hmmm :slight_smile: to hear that from M$ …


Try using this as what you run C:ie6ie6setup.exe /c:“ie6wzd.exe /d /s:”"#E" This should actually make it nice that I don’t have to download it for each machine…1)200 2)98 and 1)Me ( I’m a sucker for punishment:4 -Dave Hewitt ‘Çr@zy//:slight_smile:1f’


Hmmm :slight_smile: and now in english please… [IE sux :r]. Try!


you have the option to DL the wholething anyhow get the 477k setup wizard thin. then choose custom install select advanced. you can select all OS’s from there. OLD NEWS but command line is a different way to do it.


why don’t they have full file on site so you can download it with getright dum micrsoft Sympathy to the loss of loved ones in what occured on the 11 September 2001


The script above needs some editing and anyway is useless as all that can be done by choosing custom setup and going on… total files are 53,423 KB.


Internet Explorer IS available as a FULL download. The size of the file I downloaded for Win2000 version is 48,658 KB (48.5 MB) dated 5/27/2002. Contrary to some posts it is SOLID as a ROCK, and if installed properly DOESn’t crashes!


Link to download FULL 48.5 MB Internet explorer 6.0 :slight_smile: :