Get H44N/L or H62N?

either this 3 drives, which would you recommend?

h62n is sata, i would prefer this, but out of them which is better? 44 seems old compared to 62… need your expert views here

i would add in H55N but it seems to be very lousy in quality?

thanks for all your help :bow:

H62 and H42/44 are very equal in quality, maybe there´s a small advantage for the H62. Because newer mainboards only offer 1 IDE but 4-8 S-ATA, I would prefer the H62

The H55 isn´t a real competitor imo for the Renesas-based LGs

thanks for your help, i would prefer sata2 as well. but will there be any problems with sata? it is my first time using it as i am changing new hardware soon.

if not, i would get H62N soon, thanks again.

I read somewhere that the sata could have difficulties with some brands of chipset (on the mb). Only Intell chipset based mb’s seemed not having this issue.

That is: sata dvd writers.