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Yes it’s true…get a free CD-R every week; altough there is some stuff already on it it leaves 550 MB that you can use for your…

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Oh Please, give me a break…lol just buy them people.

Cheap…very cheap, I mean this attempt

I was walking in Leuven yesterday…when I saw the greatest poster hanging in a VOBIS store…
It was an anti-piracy poster of MS…
Does anyone know where I could find this poster (text: Kopieren, je weet nooit waar het eindigt)
with a sheep on the background…
To cewl…must have !!!

Finally, free discs! I go through enough discs in a week that one more is more than welecomed.


Why don’t they give out Free CDR Drives? THey practically give out everything else.

I quote: “52 discs a year works out to over 25 gigs of free space; you may never have to buy a CD-R again!”

LOL, yesterday alone I burned 75 CDRs…


I’m not the only LSD user in this scene…Wat een klabonkelpopperzzzzz

Darned, I never thought we would ever get them for free :wink: !
Let’s all buy one (because in stores a cdr costs some 1fl) :wink:

52 CDs a year? Promise not to Flake in two weeks? Impressive!? Don’t think so, I go through 52 Disks a day Pal!!! besides who the hell would want to have a half ass CDR that you can’t fit a proper game into even if you overburn the hell out of it. Did you guys score a great shipment of no name brand reject CDRs somewhere that you are itching so bad to get rid of??? What is next FREE Semi adhesive REJECT CDR Labels for a Year? If I could not afford to buy High Quality CDRs, let alone this cheap piece of shit ( which I would have never let it touch my burner )that you are throwing away, I would have never bought a burner! Its like buying a car and not being able to afford the fuel to run it. Ah, wait a minute I forgot about the half a tank of gas every week for 52 weeks!!!

That’s pathetic, I think most people get through more than 52 discs a year.
Besides, why’d anyone be that desperate?
Still nothing wrong with getting free stuff.

Nothing wrong with free stuff but this is garbage.

I wanna bet these are regular 650 MB CD-Rs with 100 MB already written on it in a first session. Probably some commercial bullshit or something.

If it for free way not. If i don’t like then i’ll have myself a new frisbee

I bet you anything that even your dog would refuse to fetch these free frisbees! what a waste of plastic!

550mb? what happened with the rest of the space? maybe they put a trojan or something like that that would run itself (autorun) when the shit is inserted in your cd-rom drive.

This is bollox