Get error while reading message



I have window xp media edition,and am trying to back up copy of baby einstein with fab gold.It reads it 3 times then i get error while reading message.Tried to run again and it froze when analyzing.Any help would be appreciated.thanks


i have the latest update of fab gold


Try cleaning the disc


i did that before and tried it again,no better ,had problem with one other baby einstein disc before thought it might be have been the disc but this makes 2 in a row


Are you using the latest version beta :confused: if not you can get it at the link below


yes i am it is freezing when i have 2 minutes of copying left,tried 4 or 5 times


are you doing full disc or main movie :confused:


it is only 38 min movie ,so was trying full disc,i was able to get it to copy but only main movie,now to see if it will burn right


geez i give up…i knew it wasnt going to come out right though,it is a brand new dvd …came out very jerky and the language was spanish only lol…i did watch it on tv in english on the original


Hi alliejohn,

In “Common settings” > “Read”, try disabling “Read ahead cache”. You also might try enabling “Ignore all reading errors automatically”.

Good luck…


thanks,for some reason the dma was at wrong setting,think i have that fixed,now back to the disc…


Nice…that should do it for you


well i tried to copy another of my baby einstein (meet the orchestra) and it wouldnt let me copy the full disc.When i went to copy main movie the audio files only say spanish??this is the 4th one i have had problems with…


i dont get an error message just failed to copy on full disc


Have you tried do just main movie :confused: . you can choose the English audio language and get rid of the Spanish audio


i tried the main movie,i didnt see anything under audio except spanish,i did watch it in english so i know its there…also tried the fab and that only had spanish,is there another place on program that i can switch languages??


If you tried the main movie mode and on the right side if all you saw was a Spanish audio file then there is no English audio, in order to have English audio the DVD has to have the file.
AFAIK there is no program that can change audio :frowning: