Get Error message with Pioneer DVR-105



Need help

While editing DVD (S/W is Sonic MyDVD Ver 6) all goes smooth
Once try to burn (using Pioneer DVR-105) under Win XP Pro (SP2) I gent an error message “PluginCode error: not available -34017”
Before Win XP, I’ve used Win2K and had no problem.
The firmware ver. is 1.33
The media I’m using is DVD-R made by SONY for ver. 2.0 1X/4X

Any idea what is going on ?


looks like a software problem,google didnt had any results for that error , i suggest youll use other burning software


Software only error.


Yeh…, I suspected it is S/W. However, It didn’t happen whilsd running under Win2K, could it be OS + S/W or just S/W ?



Use another tool and you’ll know the answer. :wink: