Get DVD information fail. 4096

I’m getting this message when trying to select the source on DVDFabExpress. I submitted a support reqest from three days ago but am still waiting for a response.

Anybody know a cure for this - don’t have the CD anymore but suspect it was a dual layer - have the Video files in a hard drive folder and when I try to access that I get the same fail message.

It also crashes Nero when compiling a video.

I understand you have the DVD on your HD. Is it in a correct DVD format (VIDEO_TS folder including all the necessary IFO BUP VOB files)? Which program did you use to copy to HD? My guess would be that one or more of the files is missing.

The complete VIDEO_TS folder is on the HD and was copied their as the CD gave the same error message.

Certanly one or more of the IFO files was corrupted and copying it to the HD does not help. The free program Ifoedit can create new IFO and BUP files for one or a sequence of VOB files. Obviously the menues must be forgotten in this case. BTW, when you write CD you mean DVD don’t you?

Sorry about the CD mistake, yes I did mean DVD. I will try the Ifoedit you suggested and let you know how I get on.

I have just had confirmation from the support team that what you are saying is normally the reason for this failure message - the IFO files are corrupt due to a damaged or scratched DVD.

Thanks :smiley:

I just wonder how you were able to copy to HD. If you did that with just Windows, an eventual copy protection can mess things up totally. Before starting to play with Ifoedit - which is quite a good experiment especially if you do not like subtitles in green - I suggest that you test the VOB files with a software DVD player. I know Intervideo can play VOB files for sure.