Get DVD information fail. 4096 on DVDFab Decrypter

I just downloaded the DVDFab Decrypter hoping that the 4096 error (Get DVD information fail) that showed up on the previous versions would be solved but it keeps giving that error. :frowning:
I wanted to backup a movie I just bought so it´s a clean disc without any scratches.
I have a benQ dw1640.
Do you know why is this happening? Could you give some advice on this, please?

Jesus F’n Christ this site is pissing me off today. I had this nice reply all typed out, hit the reply button, and I get a login page!!! Reply gone!!!

Short version -

The error is caused by Windows not recognizing the DVD being inserted/removed. If you have autorun disabled, try enabling it.

I experimented with disabling autorun and received this error. I had to re-enable it to get past it. Sometimes logging out and back in helps as well.

Have you tried running the Qsuite that comes with BenQ drives or download from their site. Setting Tilt Control and WOPC (Walking Optimal Power Control) as these can make a difference since something as a person walking close to computer jar it causing problems. I have a BenQ 1625 and find this utility very useful.


I agree with wraithdu, I had the same issue when I disabled autorun and had to go back and enable it

First thank you all for repying.
I have autorun enabled on all my drives and I have tried logging off and on but that error keeps coming.

In the window of dvdfab decrypter, in source box is the name of the movie or disc, so I think the disc is being recognized but somehow the dvdfab cannot read it or at least that´s what it says.

What OS? Can you open the disc in question with explorer? Do you get the same error with other DVDs? When you insert a different DVD, is the correct title updated in the DVDFab window?

I have windows xp pro, and I have tried several discs used and brand new and I get the same error always; however, I can explore the discs and I can even copy them to hard disk using dvd decrypter but with dvdfab decrypter this is not possible because of thar 4096 error which always comes.

This is a question for someone who might know - does DVDFab use the VSO engine while reading as well as writing? If so could this be the issue here?

It seems things are ok with Windows access to the DVD…

I do not have the answer but— .
I have had the 4096 error 1 time in 1658 burns using DVDFAB decrypter. I could watch the move using windows media or powerdvd with no problem. I enabled and disabled auto run. In experimenting I found I could rip to my hard using any combination of DVD decrypter and 1 click or Nero or using DVD43 with either 1 click or Nero. Also with using shrink there was no problem. I only had a problem using DVDFAB decrypter and only on this one movie out of 1658 in which DVDFAB was part of the equation.

Since reading this thread I dug the movie out and tried it again – error 4096 came up using DVDFAB

I am aware that knowing the name of the move might help but I am so ashamed of even having Broke Back Mountain in the house that I am not going to mention it’s name.

I hope someone solves the problem and lets the rest of us know what it is.

Welcome aboard!

I had exactly the same error message while trying to decrypt the movie “Have fun with Dick and Jane” and some other movie just came out 1 week ago. It kept saying (Get DVD information fail 4096 error )


VSO is only for writing

Some movies try to load a viewer and in some cases spare to prevent copying. If auto run is on and you have started the rip process and DVD tries to install a viewer, you will get an error or system may lock up. The windows built in CD burning program can also cause problems. If you have to enable auto run, something is running in the background. I have a separate computer to use to burn, so I only have the minimum number of programs running. There is a good free program called EndItAll2 that can be found with a search engine. This program will shut down any unneeded processes and background running programs. This was developed so you can run defrag programs etc that are very sensitive to any computer keyboard or mouse movement.


Thanks bigmacnc, I will try your way and will come back let you all known how it work out.

Very well Bigmacnc… it does not work at all after I install the EnItAll2, and try to trim some of the unneeded programs like the way you said but I affair that is no the solution for this kind of problem… I also try to edit the Registry to prevent the CD Auto load … but still there… problem still exited

I got the same error message with Disney’s Atlantis. I upgraded to the latest version of Platinum and same problem. I can burn all other disks fine, though.

I used DVD Gold and put Brokeback Mountain on two discs. No glitches and the quality is great. This was the full screen version that a friend bought. He will be using the film a lot and wanted a back up. I have the wide screen version ordered and will put it on two discs for back up also.

I only buy wide screen versions. I figure that sometime in the future I’ll be buying a wide screen TV and want my movies in that format. If a movie is filmed in wide screen and you get the full screen version you’ll be losing about 50% of the visual information. With some films you’ll be missing crucial information that the director wants you to see. In the extras for Flightplan the director shows what happens to his films that are formatted to pan and scan.

I suggest that when learning how to copy DVD movies that one first copy to a hard drive. Check out the copy there for problems and then copy from the hard drive to blank disc(s). Use good quality blankd discs. Get some RW to work with at first. Yes, you’ll be spending a lot of time BUT it’s time well spent on learning how to do thing right. Be aware that serial discs are a problem and always copy then to the hard drive first until you have a copy that works.


For me, I can’t even copy to hard disk first. The error message comes up when Plantinum tries to read the info on the dvd.

Are you referring to the free program DVDFab Decrypter or one of the commercial programs. I have ruled out Gold as that error code is not listed in list. If you are using Epress, and this may also apply to DVDFab Decrypter since it is a limited version of Express. This listed as a DL problem:

" [U][B]4096// Error_OpenFile[/B][/U]"


I am referring to the DVDFab Decrypter, the current version and also the previous versions. Like I said before, I have not been able to copy any movie anytime. Whether it is a new movie or a used movie. It always is the same error.
I can copy with DVD Decrypter without a problem but no with DVDFab Decrypter even with the same movie.

The only time I got the 4096 error was using DVDFAB decrypter free version. Never got it using the full version of DVDFAB Express.
As I stated above it was only with the one move --never before and never after.

I have never burned to a DL disk.