Get DVD info Fail{1000}

Have used fab-- everything works fine --this one DVD is giving me error when analzing Data-- any ideas?

Hi be4meliz, Can you please give some more info, what dvd, what other software is running in the background, op system, etc.
Many thanks.

I was able to clear this problem by downloading DVDfab platinum along with region free+css. Apparently a coding issue-- had older version of DVDfab-- running samsung dual-layer burner-- computer is self-built with athlon 64 processor and XP home

Hi be4meliz,

Error 1000 means one of IFO files cannot be read. In DVDFab 3, it has been greatly improved. DVDFab 3 will only fail when VIDEO_TS.IFO cannot be read, if VTS_XX_0.IFO cannot be read, DVDFab 3 still lets you copy “Main Movie” or “Customize”.

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