Get away

Sometimes you just have to get away ,my wife likes to walk ,she walked me until I went lame,and where we go is Lake Michigan.She has a field day walking the sandy shore line and with the heat we’ve had the air off the water feels good.Well on the second day here we got lucky and had a great sun set as pictured below.

I,m not very good at this but I.m always trying to get a good shot.

I like the badger boat more than the bearded dude. :slight_smile:

Nice pictures marloyd.
Looks like a Bass Pro Shop cap.
I bet that’s the only way you can get an unobstructed sunset in your part of the US is to take one by a lake.

Moved this thread to the Living Room.:wink: Nice Pics marloyd.:flower:

Thanks guys and cholla your right it is the only way to get a full veiw of a sunset,it’s not like where you live .You don’t have to go anywhere to get one it’s in your back yard.And the shot of the Badger is the ship which is a car ferrie coming into port and it was interesting how they come in and drop a anchor and spin the baby around and smooth as silk back that thing in to unload.( the Badger is one of the last coal fired ships)