Get a video to you tube

I have a vhs tape that I transferred to a dvd. The file is now a TS_ vob type file. It is 700 MB. The video is about 9 minutes long.

I converted it to a mpg4 and got it down to 99 mb, but the video is choppy and the audio is out of sync.

I converted it to an Dvix Avi and the it also got in down to 99mb, the video was perfect but the audio was out of snyc.

I want to edit this video down to about 4 minutes and post it on you tube.

I need some direction.

what should I convert the VOB to, to get the best results with audio and video?

My plan is to edit it, really just cut out the middle 6 minutes, with Windows movie maker or any other free editor someone suggests.

any other tips?

Personally, I’d just cut out the section you want from the dvd using DVDShrink in ReAuthor mode. Use the Start/End Frames tool. (no compression of course)

Then convert to mpeg4 Xvid using Xvid4PSP (free converter). Set format to MP4, Video Encoding codec to Xvid HQ Ultra, Audio to MP3 128 CBR.

Open the dvd you got from Shrink. Now look at the video tab at the top of the screen in Xvid4PSP. Set resolution to 320 x 240 (the recommended size from Youtube). Or you can keep the original resolution ratio…going from 720 x 480 this would give you 320 x 176. Framerate of the dvd is probably 29.97 if you are in the US. I’d leave it the same in the output.