Get a +R DL disc for 832S, 812S@832S, and 51S@832S! (USA only)

I know this has already been posted in the media forum (thanks, Kitto), and I’ve already posted this in the Bargain Basement. But I can’t resist, so here goes another posting…

1/ You have to be a US resident.
2/ Go to and buy a 50-pack of 8x RiData (Ritek) +R discs, either the printables or the silver mattes. These are probably RITEKR03, and they are $39.99 for each 50-pack. And free shipping to the continental US…
3/ Add in the RiData 8.5 GB +R DL disc as a free customer appreciation gift (most likely RICOHJPND00-01… finally, something other than MKM).

So it’s kinda like that Verbatim DL solution pack where you have to get some fluff to get the good stuff, but 50 8x-certified +R discs, even if they are Ritek, is quite a bit better than getting the measly “extra” discs in the Verbatim pack.

I just ordered mine. Hopefully, I’ll get a disc in by the end of the week so that I can finally test +R DL on my own drive instead of watching everyone else have all the fun! :slight_smile:

Hope you guys can enjoy the DL disc~~
I am surprised when I find this too!!!

P.S. >_< unfortunately I don’t need any extre DVDRs…

Just Went and picked me up the %0 pk and the DL disc. Now that I own an 832s!!! Well 851@832!!!

Thanks for the notice on these!!

If I hadn’t just bought a 50 pack so dvd blanks I would of had to do this.

And speaking of newegg customer appriciation gifts. I have bad luck with them. I always forget to select the free gift when I order. I ordered my 812s last week and didn’t get the 5 free dvds. I ordered $500 worth of stuff for a new computer and forgot to add a gift. Sad thing is I even looked at the gifts I was eligable for and chose the gift I wanted a few days before I ordered.

i found in italy 5 DL media pack for 100 euro… they’re kidding…

Unless DL media are really difficult to manufacture, even more so than DVD-RAM, the unit price will ultimately fall about US$0.1. But there has to be enough time for DL market to mature before Blu-ray and HD-DVD go mainstream. That’s the only chance there. Philips could reap a lot of revenues out of the DVD+R DL licensing if it works and you are going to news headlines about Taiwanese and Chinese media manufacturers criticizing outrageous Philips licensing policies and their decisions to invent and mass-produce their own DL standard by doubling and tripling the size of EVD. :slight_smile:

Picture copied from Newegg site.

Well, for what its worth…and I know it doesnt help a great deal (… =( …)

We have DL media in boxes of 10 hanging about in all our shops for $90 AUD. Singles can be aquired for between $11 and $13 AUD a disc. Its flowing quite freely.

Let the good times roll?

That’s 6.5 USD for each DL disc. A bit cheaper than my samples.

C0deKing also got some bloody cheap +R DL discs (< $7 USD) in New Zealand. So I guess they’re just screwing over the Americans and Europeans with this pricing.

Don’t feel bad, we usually get the best pricing on computer goods here.

I’ve ordered pressed (video) DVD’s from AU and NZ before. Any chance any of these stores will ship to the USA? Anyone want in on a powerbuy? :wink:

erm…excuse me for not scouring ur 424 previous posts for details…but where exactly are “all [y]our shops” located?

please say perth please say perth please say perth please say perth…



Hmm, is that the Verbatim media? That’d be a great price.

Know of any online Australian shops that have it in-stock and ship to USA? :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered plenty of DVD videos from Australia and don’t mind getting some DL media for $7 from there either. Heheh.

In Portugal, at FNAC they’re selling Verbatim DL at 13 €. This is a monstruosity but i wanna try my new 851@832s to see thr real thing.

great…and i JUST bought a 50pack of Ritek’s last week…oh well. i’m just going to wait for DL media to come out cheap and buy it up and let the burning begin. i remember when regular DVD+R was expensive. waited till it got to <$2 to start buying now it’s almost ~.50 on sale.

Hi [b]Cray-

[/b]For all those in Oz and yourself, you can walk into any Harvey Norman store or big electronics/computer retailer there. They can be found in packs of 10 for $90 or seperately between $11 and $13.95 AUD. Look in the big stores, little operations will not have them. Bing-Lee, IT-Megamart, OfficeWorks…all those places. Clear as day and plentiful!

#1alright, so i have a 851s, since the update is only for the firmware you’re saying there’s no “damage” that can be done to the drive, is that correct? i think i’ve read about programs that can back up firmware so in case of a bad flash or whatever you can “re-flash” the old firmware back? #2, where does everyone buy Ritek G04 media from? i get mine from newegg, it’s a silver-ish top that says “RIDATA” on the inside ring, is this the crappy ritek or the good type?




No need to worry. If you do end up with a bad flash, there’s always mtkflash to save the day! :slight_smile:


OHG, let me get this striaght, or have i missed something!!!
i live in australia, so i should be able to get DL disc! but however i own a 451s@851s, so your saying i can 451s@851s@832s and burn DL, coz if so i am striaght down to harvy norman to buy me a couple of DL!!! and post some results!!!


If anyone down under finds an online outfit selling DL media, please post it here. Thanks!