Get a Premium or Premium 2?

I have access to either buy a brand new Plextor Premium or Premium 2. Both are available to me. From what I have read there is very little difference between the two. My primary uses for this will be to archive my extensive Opera CD Collection (My original opera CD’s go for 35+ each so I would rather use copies), and to back up games which I currently own (Again I am on the road singing. I managed to leave my CD holder with my original games at the hotel I was at. Magically they did not find them :rolleyes: Never again).

I will also use this to master and duplicate my own recordings for distribution to agents in Europe and America. So the question is which one is better? They seem quite close, and I wished to get some input from people who have much more experience than me. The Premium is known for dead on one to one duplicates of most all audio incuding protected CD’s and most known Game protections, but there seems to be little info of the Premium 2. The Premium 2 does add the Audio Mastering which is a nice feature, so I am torn between them. As to posts about why I am willing to pay so much for a CD Writer, please leave this thread alone. Suffice to say, I believe you get what you pay for, and with Plextor it is worth every penny, at least to me.

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I have a Premium1 and it has never let me down when I wanted a perfect audio copy. Use the right software (EAC or Plextools Pro) and the right settings and you will surely be happy. Audio CD protection was never an issue for me. Audio Master Quality Recording surely is nice, but if you use good media (TY), your copies will most likely have less errors than the pressed CDs you bought even without AMQR. IMO you can’t go very wrong with either one of these drives.


Thanks for the reply. I think I am going to go with the Premium 1 based on that. It is a great drive.

The only thing is, that the Premium2 is still actively supported while Premium1 won’t get much attention from Plextor anymore after the recent 1.07 firmware update. But that’s normal for a drive that is so long in the market.


I just got a Premium 2 from Plextor America, and it shows the manufacture date of “January 2006”. Weren’t they only released in April 2006?

What’s the manufacture date on YOUR Premium 2?

I hope these weren’t early released models with unproven hardware!

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how’d you get one from plextor america? are they selling them already?

Talked to sales at PXA a couple of days ago. They have a limited quantity labeled Prem2, but that do not do AMQR. Just more recent versions of the Premium, I guess. Rumor is they will have real Prem2 drives in Oct/Nov. All in all, got one as a spare since I don’t do AMQR anyway.

Hmph! The guy in sales did NOT tell me that. Seems like false advertising, if he’s telling me they are Premium 2’s, but they’re not the SAME Premium 2’s they’ve got in Europe and Japan.

I think I’ll send mine back, if that’s the case!

  • Tim

What the hell’s going on? I was not told this either when I bought from US sales! Is this true or not???

BTW AMQR shows up as ON when using Plextools XL, and speed is changed to 4X, doesn’t this mean AMQR is active? Any other way to prove it is or isn’t???

You can check that once a burn has finished: In regular PTP as well as in PTPXL go to the “Drive Settings” and select the “GigaRec/AMQR”-Tab. At the bottom is a “Disc Info” button and a result field. This function will show you the GigaRec/AMQR-properties of disc inserted (for example: “GigaRec Rate: 1.3x” and also, i imagine, AMQR, if it was used).

If anyone tries this today, let us know what you find out.
I’m going to call the sales guy at Plextor America and ask about it to make sure, before I do anything else.

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They had a limited supply of a 100. They might still have some left, but you might want to wait judging by this post…I have one in the mail if I get it today I will let you know if it has the AMQR.

Disc info Says “GigaRec Rate: Normal” NO AMQR.

Confirmed by Plextor sales that AMQR doesn’t work on these drives. I am returning the drive. Why they didn’t tell me before is beyond me.

NOW, where the heck am I going to get a “correct” one? has them in stock but it appears that you have to fax a copy of your credit card if you are overseas. Very unsafe, and I am not going to do that.

Can’t I get this online from Japan, which has the retail version anyway? Can anyone here help us find an overseas online store, which is easy to use, that has these in stock??

But as i understand this is a USA-only thing, right? Maybe a licensing issue? Is someone else holding the rights to AMQR in the US?

Why? You already told them your cards number when placing the order. They even ask you to black out the first 10 numbers on the copy for privacy reasons. They only need the last digits for confirmation. The measure is actually a safety feature: The online-shop checks if the card-number is a valid one with the card company. But this does not guarantee that the actual card holder is placing the order (valid card numbers can be calculated by anyone who knows what he’s doing). Since they only ship to the card billing adress, wanting to see the card (especially the NAME of the card holder on it) offers additional safety for them (and you).

There is always Plextor-direct-shop, if you can handle the language: :bigsmile:

Plextor Eurpe quoted me this shop as carrying the Premium2 besides Check out if they have different conditions:

I wonder that as well. :slight_smile:

I just spoke with the guy at Plextor sales as well, and he told me the same, but that their tech guys didn’t know until they tested one of these units recently. I think he said they just have one technical guy here, who’s a liason to Plextor Japan, where all the REAL tech guys are, so it takes a long time to get information back and forth.

He said he’d ask the tech liason to ask Plextor Japan what the deal is on these drives, if a firmware change could make them work the same as the “real” Premium 2’s, and if not I’ll get an RMA for this one.

I’ll report back when I get more info.

Kinda sucky, huh? Plextor’s weird. :slight_smile:

  • Tim

there is no option to ship outside EU


Guy on eBay had the “wrong” drives sent to him. So I guess I will be looking for a Premium 2 here in Germany. $@#%!!! I so wanted to get my hands on a Premium. I will need to find a good seller that ships to Erfurt, Germany. Damn, and it was only 81 Euro to get the Premium… :frowning:

What about those German websites that sell them?
Aren’t there lots of them out there?

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