Get a 3520a or wait for 3540?



I really want a DL burner. does the 3540 support -r dl? 8x +r dl?


I doubt you are from the UK but in case you are.

Now avalible for the bargain price of ~£30

To answer your question,
Read Speed 48x (CD) / 16x (DVD)
Write Speed 48x (CD) / 16x (DVD±R) / 6x (DVD-R DL) / 8x (DVD+R DL)
CD / DVD Rewrite Speed 32x (CD) / 6x (DVD-RW) / 8x (DVD+RW)


sweet but i’m in the US. when will it be out here?


I jumped for the 3540A, I was thinking of a 3520A… but after some results from the drive I was like lates… :bigsmile:. I like my 3540A, although it’s still very early the results aren’t bad at all.


Generally things appear in the US before the UK. However not with NEC it seems. It looks like sometime in the next week to two.

Have you checked a few sites to see if they stock it or can pre-order it at all?


nothing on newegg, zipzoomfly and tigerdirect


does the 3540 offer better/same burning quality?


The jury is out on that until it’s had a couple of firmware upgrades. Initial tests show it has potential.


Get 3540.


It is so hard to be patient!!! :o

I cant take the waiting anymore!!! :sad:

Where is the 3540 dangit!!! :a

I am getting weak… :eek:

If the 3540 doesnt come out soon in U.S… going to break down and buy the 3520… :confused:

Seriously though. I really want DL support. I would like to get the 8x that the 3540 offers, and the wating really is rough.


be strong :stuck_out_tongue: I’m waiting too…

someone suggested me to get 4163b first to play with while waiting… :smiley:


3540 is really look’s promising.

So Zevia and mesterio be patient. I’ll think 3540 is wrorth waiting…


I purchased a 3540A from Overclockers in the U.K., cost $79 U.S. dollars shipped to my door, and I got it in 7 days, (I live in Minnesota). If you can’t wait, (as I couldn’t), buy it from there…


From here? It’s showing 32GBP now, so the drive will be around USD60 plus 19 shipping. Not to bad for desperate people… :slight_smile: hmm… [thinking hard]

edit: who deliver it to your door (fedex, ups, dhl?) and did you pay any tax in the US? Once fedex charge me tax for a package of medicine to the US.


zevia: Heh… might not be a bad idea to get the 3540… so you can skip LG 4163 and when you get bored again from the 3540 you can get a LG 4165. =)

Blah they sell here in our country the 3540 for ~70$ (~55€):(.


not a bad idea Quikee, lol. Good think I didn’t hit the order button for 4163 last night. lol.

Hey, overclockers said only 3540, while Dee sig is 3540AG, what’s the difference? I’m new to NEC. :slight_smile:


You see quite a lot on Nec forum asking this question. There is no difference. =) It’s like saying BenQ DW1620 or BenQ 1620. =)


Lazy me… thanks Quikee.


do UK dvdrw drives work here in theUS?


They use ATA/ATAPI IDE interface and a 4 pin power connector for 12V DC so if your mothermoard and your power supply supports this sure yes…

if you are asking about region settings for Pressed DVD’s I dont know yet… just got mine installed today… and I havent begun testing it yet…

but probably yes… otherwise you can always flash the firmware …
look around the forum and you will find the answer for sure