Get a $10 rebate on Slysoft purchases

I know its a different forum but check this out;
This is also good for recent purchases.

Thanks for the info!

That’s a nice gesture from Slysoft. :clap:
I wonder, if I’ll get that rebate as well, as I have licensed the complete package on June, 20th. If not, well, the money was well spent anyways… :iagree:

Put in your request ASAP, I bought on 11 June 2005 and they responded via email with a $10US refund to my credit card. It is definately worth the money even without the rebate.

I just put in for this. I purchased a CloneDVD + AnyDVD bundle not more than a few days ago. Talk about interesting timing. Thanks!

Is this a rebate or do you just pay 10dollars less.

Yes, I already did that yesterday and got no response until now. As I was too lazy to file my request in english but in german, it may take some time for them to respond. However, I am not in a hurry, so I am just waiting this one out. :cool:

Just bought Clone DVD. 29.00USD. Very Cheap for this program. I had my key in minutes and backed it up. Easiest transaction ever.

I was in my thrid, or fourth, day of trial on these programs and was seriously considering buying them. Then I received my monthly newsletter from Afterdawn and it had the same $10 off promotion.

Needless to say I made my purchase about 5 minutes later and within a minute from that I had my keys. I saved them in 4 different places (i reload my PC from scratch every two months).

So far I am very pleased with the functionality, and ease of use, of these programs.

Edited to add:

“Is this a rebate or do you just pay 10dollars less.”

You pay $10 less.

Thanks for the update DoMIN8ToR, I belong to both forums and happened to see it first posted on the other one.

Could you buy these programs separately and get $10 off each time ? :wink:

Edit: just did some calculating at the slysoft site, your better getting the bundled offer & the $10 off. :doh:

Careful how you buy them…
I bought clonedvd/anydvd and got the $10 refunded.

Loved the software so much, then went back to buy clonecd, got the $10 off that, so the total in the end for all the three, still came to the same as if I had bought the three in one go as a bundle price:sad:

If your buying the three dont do it the way I did it.
If you want $10 off the price you need to buy the three in one go!

Not true,

i bought clonecd last night and got the $10 off the price, but the price they offer with the bundle is great & another $10 off is even better