Get a 1 of the 5 free licenses to test DeUHD

will the ripped file play in 4K resolution? Ultra HD. 4K UHD (2160p) a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9) and is one of the two resolutions of ultra high definition television targeted towards consumer television, UHD 3,840x2,160 4K, Ultra HD, Ultra-High Definition

The files on the disc only exist in one resolution and will not be transcoded by the ripping process being done on a drive that does not have official AACS 2.0 support. So yes, they will.

Then please explain to me why LG and Poineer just came out with a 4K UHD Bluray drive if any BDXL drive will do? DeUHD even mentioned having one of the new LG drives to test their software.

Because the officially branded 4K drives have support for the encryption (AACS 2.0) used to allow a PC to playback the video in the walled garden that is a kaby lake, sgx, powerdvd17 , approved environment. Because that is what they deemed secure enough.

Obviously DeUHD proves that all that is needed to read a disc with higher capacity is a drive with the ability, like the BDXL drives, and they handle the decryption of the files on the disc through their “magic”.

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@alan1476 @Frankbrans seems to be right, there is a great explanation on the DeUHD website:

@All, I wish I had better news, but from what I know right now, all licenses are gone. Arusoft just told me they got several requests through their contact form and already have sent out licenses to those people. So currently there are no more free test licenses.

Ieturn for a free license, Arusoft wants users to post their experiences on this forum, so you can read up and see whether it works and decide if you want to buy. I wish I had better news, yesterday I had to make an effort to find testers, and no there are so many of you, and I would have loved that you could all test it for free, but I can imagine Arusoft can’t give away unlimited licenses for a product they sell at €200 ($235)

@hanneslan83 Looking forward to your logfile and experience! While it won’t get you a license, it might be helpful for other people who test they trial and want to see how the expected result would look like.

How do I get a key? I have a compatible drive and discs. I have the Martian, John Wick, and Hacksaw Ridge on 4k blueray.

@TheShoe I’ve asked the developers, their reply:

SGX is not necessary for running our programs

I want to get a free copy i have 1 supported drive (one future supported real UHD BD Drive) and 2 or 3 supported movies and my pc can play the 4K movies ower PDVD 17.

hello @joi2323, unfortunately there are no more free licenses left.

Hi all,
Thanks for DeUHD license free, and club myce for support.
Hardware test decript LG BH16NS55 Firmware 1.02

My system is fully compatible with Blu-Ray UHD SGX HDR:
Software PowerDVD 17
I7 Kaby Lake 7700
Mainboard: Asrock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming ITX/ac
Drive: Pioneer BDR-S11J-BK
Display: Samsung JS8000 4K HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 HDR compatible.

The Martian 4K UHD Rip to image iso, lasting about 4 hours.

Tried iso with PowerDVD, regularly runs full menu, navigation commands, and scene choices, HDR works regularly at the beginning of the movie on the display.
Now I try with other title compatible, Passengers 4K.

Tested Passengers 4k, 5 hours for work:

Full functional menu, navigation commands, scene selection, HDR, how The Martian.
Next Independence day 4K test.

Thanks for the review with screenshots @pippo80, much appreciated!

Thanks to you DoMiN8ToR, i add, rip in iso works on my system also disabling the SGX function from bios with PowerDVD.

Disappointed in myself for pushing off buying a UHD drive for so long. Just gotta get the funds for one and a licence and then I will be one step closer to having 4k backups :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I was lucky enough to be granted a code for this software. Whilst I haven’t had an opportunity to test it yet, I do have an entire new pc build arriving in 2 days with a compatible blu ray drive. I have 66 UHD movies to test with so are they’re any films that haven’t been tried yet? I’ll start experimenting with those titles first to see what compatibility is like.

Hello zyklonus,
discs tested by the 30 titles: The Martian, Passengers, The Fate of the Furious, Sully, Miss Peregrine HFPC, to which I add: Independence Day:

Should more testers be needed I would be happy to help. I have two blu-ray drives of interest for this software:

Pioneer BDR-S11J-BK
Asus BC-12D2HT

As well as several computers with Win 7, 8.1 and 10. One of the computers is fully UHD compatible with SGX e t c. At the moment only 5 of my 30+ UHD discs match the list of supported discs.

If you are interested in more testers let me know. I have about 90 UHD discs. 23 of them are on the list of the supported discs. Disc drive is a LG BH16NS55.

@nilsman @d514, although there currently no more free licenses left, I’m wondering whether you already tried the trial and did you have any success? While I’m no longer in doubt the software works as advertized, I’m trying to find out how well the software works, so test reports always welcome!