Get a 1 of the 5 free licenses to test DeUHD


Arusoft wants to back up their claims that they are indeed able to make backups of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. So they give away a free license to anyone who has the hardware to test, and wants to post the results on our forum.

Read more here:

Regarding the hardware, read more on the DeUHD website:

4K UHD Blu-ray disc is a new type of Blu-ray disc that is not compatible with old drives (made before second half of 2015), just like BD XL didn’t work with non XL drives.

In 2015, some LG drives got a new hardware design, a new front (bezel) and started to “see” the content of UHD discs: those were WH16NS40 and BH16NS40, with SVC NS50 on the label. They did not implement AACS2 protection, but they’re good enough to work with DeUHD tool, called them UHD friendly. Because Asus is re-badging LG drives, they also got the update. So new drives of those older models are compatible with DeUHD (see the list below). To buy safer, just look outside North America and find the same drive sold as BH16NS55.
The best of this batch is the USB 3.0 drive called BE16NU50, recommended.

Most of the friendly drives have a bug: once the UHD disc is in, but it’s not used for more than 2 minutes, the drive goes in standby mode and then it will not read the disc anymore. The easiest is to eject and re-load the disc. There will be a workaround for it in the near future.

Somewhere in 2016, new LG official UHD drives, implementing AACS2 protection, started with BU40N and BU50N. Buffalo released in Japan a re-badged BU40N, which is very stable and recommended. Finally, LG released their first internal official UHD drive in US, the WH16NS60, also recommmended.

Pioneer drives, released earlier in 2017 are not supported at the moment, but may be in the future.

Final note: do not update your drive to any new firmware LG or Pioneer may release. If you do, your drive may not work with DeUHD anymore. Always check this page, before a firmware update and as long as your drive works with DeUHD, you simply don’t need to update the firmware.


wonder if SGX needs to be enabled?

could explain some reports of success and others reporting failure


I would love a free license to further test DeUHD. My experiences so far have been posted in the RedFox forums (, and I own two additional discs on DeUHD’s list (though one is already confirmed to not work, presumably because it’s a slightly different disc for out-of-region or something).


Good question, I will bring it to the attention of the developers!


Hi DoMiN8ToR, I sent you a PM on the redfox forum. Would love to review DeUHD


Hello DoMiN8ToR,

I review products ocassionally. I can confirm that I have a compatible 4K UHD Disc and Blu-Ray drive. I’ve also sent you a message on RedFox’s forums to offer my assistance in writing a review.

Thank you.


Hello DoMiN8ToR,

I would love a free license to further test DeUHD. I did some testing with free trial and Mad Max Fury Road (will post logfile to the support in the evening) and I own additional discs on DeUHD’s list (Life, …)

So am ready for further testing, feedback and reviewing.

Only license is missing…

Thanks in advance


Yes SGX needs to enabled


Here are the requirements for testing this software

  1. Windows 10 or above
  2. Intel SGX Technology (CPU/Main Board) Kaby Lake
  3. Intel Management Engine Software
  4. 6 GB System Memory (Ram)
  5. HEVC-10bit/AVC Codec (GPU)
  6. HDCP 2.2 (GPU/Display)
  7. Advanced Protected Audio/Video Path (GPU)
  8. UHD-BD Optical Disc Drive - LG 4K UHD Player Reader - Writer
  9. Windows Media Player 9 or Cyberlink PowerDVDUltra 17
    Recommended Requirements (Optional)
  10. HDR - High Dynamic Range (GPU/Display)
  11. PowerDVD 17 Ultra (This is what I have)


I’d like to apply for the review licence - i own the supported (but not listed as reccomended) ASUS BC-12D2HT, and several of the supported movies. Pictures included, system running windows 10.


The ASUS BC-12D2HT is not a 4K UHD drive.


The ASUS BC-12D2HT drive is a BDXL capable drive, and listed as supported (“UHD Friendly”) on by the authors of the software itself.


Yes it will read the disk, but it will not rip it to 4K UHD.


It will both read and rip the disk with DeUHD. You will notice the guide on, the official site, uses the LG BH16NS55, another BDXL drive, as example of showing the ripping of a disc.


will the ripped file play in 4K resolution? Ultra HD. 4K UHD (2160p) a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9) and is one of the two resolutions of ultra high definition television targeted towards consumer television, UHD 3,840x2,160 4K, Ultra HD, Ultra-High Definition


The files on the disc only exist in one resolution and will not be transcoded by the ripping process being done on a drive that does not have official AACS 2.0 support. So yes, they will.


Then please explain to me why LG and Poineer just came out with a 4K UHD Bluray drive if any BDXL drive will do? DeUHD even mentioned having one of the new LG drives to test their software.


Because the officially branded 4K drives have support for the encryption (AACS 2.0) used to allow a PC to playback the video in the walled garden that is a kaby lake, sgx, powerdvd17 , approved environment. Because that is what they deemed secure enough.

Obviously DeUHD proves that all that is needed to read a disc with higher capacity is a drive with the ability, like the BDXL drives, and they handle the decryption of the files on the disc through their “magic”.


@alan1476 @Frankbrans seems to be right, there is a great explanation on the DeUHD website:

@All, I wish I had better news, but from what I know right now, all licenses are gone. Arusoft just told me they got several requests through their contact form and already have sent out licenses to those people. So currently there are no more free test licenses.

Ieturn for a free license, Arusoft wants users to post their experiences on this forum, so you can read up and see whether it works and decide if you want to buy. I wish I had better news, yesterday I had to make an effort to find testers, and no there are so many of you, and I would have loved that you could all test it for free, but I can imagine Arusoft can’t give away unlimited licenses for a product they sell at €200 ($235)


@hanneslan83 Looking forward to your logfile and experience! While it won’t get you a license, it might be helpful for other people who test they trial and want to see how the expected result would look like.