Get 150 of the maxell cd'r's for 10.88 + tax /Free shipping ..after 7.00 rebate

do search for the 50 pack using the sku below and get the others the same way or use the link in my post above to go directly to the 100 pack …
add theses to your cart

SKU 489759 Maxell Gold 74 Minute CD-RSpindle, 100/Pack $39.98
SKU 430570 Maxell 74 Minute CD-R Spindle, 50/Pack $12.94 (before $7MIR)

Use coupon code 50228 to get $35.04 off $39.98 at checkout

39.98 100/pack CDR
12.94 50/pack CDR
-7.00 MIR
-35.04 coupon

$10.88 total (w/ Free S/H)

I only see one post. Could you give a new link?

A little research shows lagger did post a Staples link on a previous thread. Unfortunately, the Maxells are out of stock. Damn, people move quick on Staples deals.