Germany raises duty-free limit for non-EU shipments to € 150 effective December 1st



Currently, shipments qualify as duty-free Kleinsendung if their value (incl. sales tax, excl. shipping) does not exceed € 22.
From December 1st, this value will be raised to € 150.

A shipment is the number of products that has been sent on the same day by the same sender to the same importer and processed by the same customs office.

Please note that alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, perfumes and coffee are exempt from this rule and may still be subject to taxes and duties.

NOTE: There’s no guarantee or anything that this info is correct. If you really do intend to import goods from other countries, you might wish to contact a lawyer for qualified information.


[B]Legal Fun fact:[/B] around that time a certain anonymous cdfreak will become a qualified lawyer…in case he wants to sue me I won’t mention Kg’s name but you might like to contact [B]him[/B]

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[QUOTE=deanimator;2034531][B]Legal Fun fact:[/B] around that time a certain anonymous cdfreak will become a qualified lawyer…[/QUOTE]
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I thought that the duty free allowance was set by the EU and is the same for all member states. So a bit surprised if Germany is able to raise it’s limit by so much. A good idea though, £18 is a bit low (especially once Royal Mail has added it’s charge for collecting any taxes due).


It actually is due to some EU legislation so I expect that we can see this happening in the UK sooner or later, too.

Mit Verordnung (EG) Nr. 274/2008 - veröffentlicht im ABl. (EU) Nr. L 85 vom 27. März 2008 - wurde unter anderem die Wertgrenze für die so genannten Kleinsendungen (Artikel 27 der Verordnung (EWG) Nr. 918/83 - ZollbefreiungsVO) von derzeit 22 Euro auf 150 Euro angehoben.


At the current exchange rate €150 converts to £118, now that’s more like it. I seem to recall hearing last year that this limit being under review, but there was nothing more about it for so long I assumed that nothing was happening.


Interestingly, the information on the corresponding websites has totally vanished.

However, it is still there: or depending on your language preference :slight_smile:

“[I]This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States.[/I]”

I’ll assume it’ll be valid in the UK too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, it was about time!

I always hated to receive bills from the german ZOLL…