Germany poised to impose copyright levy for new computers

I just posted the article Germany poised to impose copyright levy for new computers.

NickSTAR used our newssubmit to tell us that Germany is poised to enforce a 3-year-old law and impose a copyright levy of $13 plus 16 percent in value added tax per new computer sold in the…

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If people are paying this money, then it’s no longer piracy?

Hear, hear…But in reality, Governments and Entertainment studios would still chase the illegal copiers regardless of any levy. It sounds like just another scam to suck out some money from the user community. Computer levy, my arse!: 7

It says the tax only applies to new computers. So would buying the parts separately and assembling it yourself (or paying the PC repair guy to do it) dodge the tax? After all it isn’t a computer until it’s assembled.

Okay, so how do they know a new computer is going to be used for pirating anything? What if the computer doesn’t have a DVD writer or CD-RW? How about if it doesn’t come with a modem or NIC with which to obtain files? This appears to penalize people for buying a computer, not for using it to rip someone off.

Bang go loads of jobs in Germanys computer industry…well done to the government, a well thought and planned piece of legislation! And on behalf of all Germans a pox on your tax, families, friends and of course you. Do you fancy a flight on Concorde?