[Germany] LG DVD burner € 25, 50 Verbatim Extra Protection CD-R € 5 @ Media Markt

Just found that in my mailbox: http://www.mediamarkt.de/multimedia-prospekt/

They claim the LG burner (no model name mentioned) would come with TWO bezels so I assume it’s even a retail one

In addition, they also offer a TrekStor 160 GB External Hard Drive for € 29. May be interesting, especially considering that an industry standard enclosure costs nearly that much. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can also get a Saturn to pricematch if you don’t have a Media Markt in walking/driving distance.

Hehe, maybe they have even some MIJ of these discs :slight_smile:

Apart from that, I’ve never seen MM sell something else than retail drives. Since Sata is not mentioned, but SecurDisc, I suspect, it’s one of those Pata drives with Panasonic chipset.


I’d even be happy with CMCs (what these usually are). :slight_smile:

The Verbatim CD-Rs are a very good deal, regardless of the manufacturer. Good find kg!