[Germany] BenQ DW1670 @ Arlt.com for € 28.13 + shipping


Actually a LiteOn DVD8900 but IIRC that’s a BenQ DW1670.
Keep in mind that it has a Panasonic chipset that doesn’t support DVD scanning and SolidBurn, instead DVD-RAM support. It can scan CDs though.

There are indeed some cheaper offers especially online but ARLT Computer have several stores in South Germany, and for B&M stores, this price isn’t bad (if you live near one and can pick it up there to save shipping costs and time ;)).
(Unless you pre-order online, they’ll charge you € 29.00 though.)

So BenQ still live and present in Germany, this price is excellent for the BenQ dirive which is vanishing from market.

BenQ is not really alive and well in Germany :frowning:
After they closed their mobile phone production plants in Germany last year, the brand has become unpopular for some time.

The product is sold as LiteOn DVD8900 (LiteOn bought BenQ’s ODD department last year and are selling the last drives as LiteOn… there’s LiteOn DW1650 as well ;))

If any Germans are looking for a “real” BenQ such as DW1650, you could check Kaufhof as well, the Kaufhof in Stuttgart had BenQ DW1650 for € 29.99 not long ago - but they’re running out.

Dude, it is the left over 1670 and in germany, they consider this drive as a Huyndai