Germany bans MS software

I just posted the article Germany bans MS software.

Because of the fear of backdoors in software, the German army and foreign office are getting rid of all Microsoft software. They fear that Microsoft is abled to read secret material through all the…

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Sweet and sick! Ms softwares are quite fucks but Germany is getting paranoid!<-I think! :wink:

good, hopefully more countries will do the same, tell MS no more ‘phone home’ bull shit.

They’re not paranoid - they’re waking up. At last! The USA has the bad manner to even spy their allies. It’s time they come down from their ‘we are the world police No. 1’ trip. :r

The US gov dictates MS on how to make their software accessible. The problem is USA not Microsoft

It would be nice if the entire europe would do that… (just 2 see what would happen…) :9 ObikeFixx.

Ha, ha boycot MS!