[Germany] 50 Verbatim Pastel CD-R € 9.99; 25 Printable DVD+-R 12.99

This is for those who like B&M shopping.

Toom Markt have 50 Verbatim Pastel CD-R for € 9.99 and 25 Verbatim Photo Printable for € 12.99 this week (3/10~15).
The price is not actually low, but not many shops carry Pastels anymore, so this may be a chance for you to stock up on TY. Neo-Verbies according to pic.

[According to ad, these are available in all stores except for Bad Nauheim, Bonn-Duisdorf, Brühl, Hamburg (Osdorfer Landstraße), Kall and Köln-Rodenkirchen.]

Thanks, evilboy. I know where there’s a Toom and ProMarkt in the same buiding. The ProMarkt is where I bought my Pastels in the past, but they’ve been out of stock lately. Never went into Toom before, which looks more like a DIY store, so will check on their media next time. :slight_smile:

Yeah, was surprised to see them offered in the latest offerletter.

Promarkt = toom = rewe.