Germans now face two years in jail for P2P file sharing

I just posted the article Germans now face two years in jail for P2P file sharing.

DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us “Nah, the death penalty is the only appropriate punishment. Kill your customers, great business model.” :slight_smile: Looks like some new…

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It’s about time!!! Now maybe they could get back to more important things, like those sidewalk spiting evil doers!

a simple message to the german public just boycott buying music and film you will win that way instead

'There should be no legal distinction between stealing chewing gum from a shop and performing an illegal download." So, does that mean people get 2 years in jail for stealing chewing gum? Holy Juicyfruit, Batman!

Not yet law, just a cabinet’s proposal to parliament. Highly unlikely it will pass unchanged any time soon.

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Oh well, reminds me of a movie “Dumb & Dumber”, looks like these legislators, who voted for this law have taken a dozen steps backward on the evolutionary scale by passing this law! MPAA/RIAA, have truly lost the plot, by sponsoring this stupidity, of flame all computer users! What’s next, a total and absolute prohibition on owning and using any home computer and/or allowing it to connect to the internet? Will the Public Prosecutor, be paid enough money to razor wire the entire country, to contain all offending citizens, with a backlog of 30,000,000 plus cases in the first 12 months?:c

FYI, “don’t spit on sidewalk” laws were enacted at times of fear of epidemics of tuberculosis or some such. It made sense then.


Germans … in any other part of the world I would welcome such law - after filling the jails with such harh offenders the jail system would probably collups and this would end the idiotic expiriment. edited out last sentence of comment
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when it becomes law, then those rootkit BS & drmed media producers should face 20 years in prison :wink: those who compromise german people’s privacy should face 20 years in prison, too how about it germany?

German people have no more privacy to compromise. :r:r:r

Germans! don’t take this lying down, boycott everything!!!

Well i just came to Germany from Canada. I guess I will have to keep fresh with the laws here to make sure I done do anything wrong. If it is up to 2 years being proposed, what are the laws now?

Nobody is going to jail for downloading the Village People greatest hits. Their entire judiciary system would collapse under the weight and would also become a laughing stock of Europe. This is all made up to appease something or someone just like what is going on in China and other places. It looks good on paper to the lobbyists.

Add: For jail it would have to become a criminal offence. Then things switch over to innocent until proven guilty and that can get expensive and time consuming. The system would fail. The chewing gum analogy probably is not far off the mark. Equal justice for everyone.

Man!! i don’t believe this sh%# is happening!!! we’re just making steps back in civilization!!! now greedy companies & mony-starving men are going to rule the world and make laws!! what a sucking world is it!!! we used to have a dictator in the old historical scenarios!!! but it’s the first time we have a bunch of dic’s :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: i have always believed in u germans… don’t let these ever-lusting headicks control ur lives and criminalize u!!! for god sake!!! it’s about Music and Entertainment that brought several thousand americans to become CRIMINALS!!! that’s ENTERTAINMENT!!! not KILLING!!! A$$OHI#*@!!! go find the real dead victims and search for their killers instead of feeding some lustful corporates!!! where the hell am i livin’!!!

good thing im from the Philippines… no implementation of Piracy Laws here… whwther music, warez, movies…:d