Germans hit HP with anti-piracy fine

I just posted the article Germans hit HP with anti-piracy fine.

According to The Register HP must pay for copyright because they produce the hardware…

Hewlett-Packard has been fined by the German courts for shipping hardware capable of creating pirate music…

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So if i buy a gun i allso have to pay for the funeral of who im gonna kill ?

does this mean CDR & CDRW prices are gonna rise again?
also all HIFI devices can record (at least on tape) which means they’re capable of copying…
Anyway. Better HP pays than the customers…

The problem is that HP will most probably increase the prices of their hardware in germany to counteract the effects of the ruling.

Next time I get a speeding ticket, I’m gonna let BMW pay for it

What a bunch of crap this is!

thiz iz a musicholocast
jawwol heil napster

i never did like HP anyway, overpriced nonsense. anyway the price increase thing is nominal, paying £1-3 more on your machine will hardly break the bank.

basvcds should probably be locked up as he seems mentally unstable. guns shouldn’t be available to the general public anyhow. just sigh with relief that they aren’t in the UK.

What stupidity is this?

Than what about Paradigit, Compaq, Packard Bell etc.?

They also have hardware capable for that. This is bullshit, are they also gonna forbid modems because you can also download Warez with it? It’s practically the same!

Anyway. Better HP pays than the customers… [/I]

And you really believe that it isn’t the customer who ends up paying for it all? Think again…

People now are more inclined to copy CD’s, since they now pay a fee for it… You pay a fee on hardware that can copy, you pay a fee on CD-R’s because you copy… It more and more gives me the feeling that it is legal to copy CD’s, since we are now paying the authorities for it…

Wonder how this will hold up in court


What do you mean ‘guns are not in the U.K.’

I am in the U.K. and i see guns everywhere.
(about the same price as a plextor!)

Its the only thing that can keep the BSA from ya door. :smiley:

Nice move from the authorities
This means that by paying the " contribution fee" everybody who owns a HP can copy all software and audio stuff legally!!
Let me pay for my Plextor too!!!

Germany should also sue pharmaceutical companies for producing potentially lethal products if they see the cdr situation in that way.

Here in Spain we are imposed a levy too. It doesn’t affect to CD Writers only, it’s applied to multifunction products too such as HP OfficeJet (Scanner and Printer integrated in one product). They suppose that you are going to reproduce copyrighted material at any time of your life, but this doesn’t make it legal!!
The owners of music locals are forced to pay a levy too because they are going to put ilegal music too… What’s next? Are we going to pay for the air we breathe? :wink:

This is CRAP! But what can you expect from Germany and their “We are always right” attitude…

I think it was to be suspected, cause the RIAA is suing everyone nowadays. I think HP is very willing to pay just a little amount of money to avoid huge lawsuits in the future.
It might look like the RIAA is winning, but think in longer terms. They can never sui HP ever again for this.
Smart move…

This sheer stupidity is not the fault of Germany ! its the fault of a bunch of Government Retards that are runnig out of annual budjet desparatley and need cash fast to drive their Mercedes in the Autobahnn. This pirating device issue is bullshit and they know it too. So what is next suing Nero and WinCD for producing a software that can be used in a device that is able to back up namingly music as one. Better yet how about suing the Harddrive manufacteres, tape drive producers, memory manufactures (MP3 Players) for producing a device that could potentially store music. So literally every computer in every establishment in the country INCLUDING the one that THE VICE CHANCELLOR is using would have to pay a levy. Ya right!!!

What amases me is why would germans let these morans get the better of them.

Does people voice count in Germany or are we still in Berlin with out walls !!!

Are we really making a big deal about $5.40 that HP will pay for EACH computer sold?

Fuck it, Ill give them twice that amount to get a machine that will copy everything!!

And do you really think HP gives to shits about $5.40 when they sell systems over $800? Its pennies to what there making…

What a fuckin stupid idea. y should the customer pay if they might never copy anything illegally? Ive never illegally copied anything in my life! the people i sold my CD’s 2 assured me they all had the original product and only wanted a backup! :smiley:

yo trojan, if you sold copies to people who already have the original you are still illegaly making money !!! the story that IF you sell copies as backups isn’t true !!! I know that because i’m studying law :wink: AND copieng cd’s to finance my study hehe…LOL