German rights org. GEMA uses DNS poisoning to fight eDonkey

I just posted the article German rights org. GEMA uses DNS poisoning to fight eDonkey.

             Although the RIAA in the US  figures the best way to tackle those sharing music is to sue them, the German  right organisation for composers, lyricists and publishers (GEMA) is...
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WTF? LOL, I don’t even want to comment on how ridiculous, ineffective and harmful (for legal uses) and otherwise illegitimate (blackmail/ransom?) such measure would be… Sometimes you wonder if **AA and their counterpars abroad have any brain tissue left. Every time I think, no, they can’t do anything just as stupid as whatever they are doing right now and every time they are outdoing themselves. Bravo! It’s time to nominate **AA/GEMA for Darwin’s award of the year. “DNS poisoning”, I can’t even spell it out loud without laughing… :B

They should watch out. I think the emule community might take matters into their own hands with a little ‘dns poisoning’ of their own…

If they are paying for the internet they should have no restrictions on what they can do unless they have committed some kind of crime then they can go to court. They shouldn’t give companies the right to spy on people and what they do on the internet that they pay for. They pay for it so they should be able to go into chat rooms and us what ever software they want. Then if they do something wrong they take them to court. This is kind of like CD and DVD protection the legal users get screwed over and the ones that are trying to do something agents the law will figure a way around it. It would be very disappointing to see the internet providers go along with this.

I think they can use a remote DNS that is not owned by their ISP…

This is like asking phone companies to not connect to known countries where terrorists hang out. Riiiight. I think the group should be prosecuted for public mischief.

[offtopic] You smart people! “If you copy, please show your appreciation by linking back to CDFreaks.” in white text at the end of the 2nd Paragraph … this showed up when I was printing setting all text to black on my Laser! :stuck_out_tongue: Highlight and you will see :slight_smile: [/offtopic] Poisioned DNS servers really spoil my day. Even my normal DNS I am using gets poisoned so happens to be redirected occasionally. I know I have no hosts problems, nor hi-jackers, spyware/adware/malware :frowning:
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What’s next, presidential challenger campaign sites being poisoned out by by insiders in the ISPs. Great? Anyone need to be served a warm piece of ethics pie?