German police searches 50 houses for ebook piracy



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The German police has searched about 50 houses in a case against a webshop where pirated ebooks were sold. The website has been taken offline, together with a related weblog.

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According to the lawyer of a person whose house was searched, his client was only a subscriber who didn’t upload any ebook to the site.

Now that shows real skills…NOT. Is that what all their money is spent of pirated ebooks now. This is what I call a :doh: on their part does nothing to stop it. This is akin to wack a mole they will never get rid of it…:rolleyes:


Somehow, I get the feeling would have distributed the ebooks legally, if the publishers didn’t force ridiculous licences on distributors. Free enterprise that’s actually free would probably cut illegal redistribution down to a small fraction of what it is now. Not only would it provide incentive to follow the law, but it would also act as a good first step to fix some of these large corporations’ damaged reputations. But, I suppose resisting the temptation to use copyright to attack everyone’s freedom is just too logical for the rich and powerful.