German police bust a massive online movie piracy ring

I just posted the article German police bust a massive online movie piracy ring.


police have busted a massive movie piracy ring inGermany with raids made on over 750 premises between 16th and 18th of March with at least 15 people arrested. The raids …

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40,000 discs but only 500 movies. Are we just throwing the number 40,000 in there to make it look 35,000 worse then it really is? Just wondering?

I think there’s 40,000 discs with pirated movies (or soon to be) on them. The 500 movies represent the variety of movies that hav been distributed. Not what you think, that only 500 CDR contained movies.

Quite an operation they had there. Hope they make out ok.

…and I thought I had a lot of movies in my collection… 38TB…my that’s a big one (hard drive I mean)…

Please dont publish this stupid properganda, this story has been twisted beyond belief. The online sites which publish stuff like this should take a look at the real story rather than being the distribution arm of the copywrite organisations.

The Register being the distro arm of copyright organizations? LOL! The Register is one of the most liberally-biased anti-intellectual-property publications I’ve ever seen.

Pirates should rot.:frowning:

What im saying is that there are 3 stories here, -an fxp board, 1 person was involved in credit card fraud -some warez sites -a group of people selling dvds All 3 are completely seperate and are not related, the press release makes it sound like its some big conspiracy of evil criminal gangs working together.

Hi zag2me :slight_smile: Do you have any valid link to a news site that has published more accurate info according to you on the incident?