German music industry with a drastic sales decrease

I just posted the article German music industry with a drastic sales decrease.

This time Heise reports about
an enormous sales decrease for 2003. The association of phonographic companies
IFPI sees the responsibility mainly in masses of CD copies and the current…

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“Furthermore if your browse some forums discussing these topics, many people in Germany are sick of always hearing the same mainstream stuff from some guys who won in several casting shows on TV” That’s so true. So True!! Furthermore single’s suck and hit compilations do as well. I understand people who don’t want to buy them. Well i don’t understand the ones downloading them neither :B

…and dont forget all those cover-versions, remakes and re-remakes of titles we allready bought 10 years ago! :r

The real question is: “why should we care?” The music industry will always go on, maybe falling sales will push them into adopting new business models rather than trying to hold on to their monopolies and price fixing stratergys.

Last year the Music Industry got “their” law in Germany: Since the 13. September 2003 copy Protected Audio CDs are not allowed to be copied anymore, Tools like CloneCD are banned and nobody is even allowed to talk about it anymore, more and more Audio CDs are released with some stupid copy protection. And they enforce this law as good as their lawyers can. And the result? The sales drop! I could have told them before, that noone wants to buy such crap. We want Audio CDs, not “Play dare where the CD will play copycrap” CDs. The protection will improve, the sales will drop even more, because these people are unable to learn from their mistakes. They managed to p*ss off a lot of their customers (or potential customers), and you can’t do this, if you intend to stay in business. Simple as that.