German music industry to sue MP3 uploaders

I just posted the article German music industry to sue MP3 uploaders.

The German computer magazine
Welt reports on their website that the German
music industry starts sueing individuals who - in their opinion - uploaded
MP3 files to the internet.

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joerg- this is now starting to appear as standard operating procedure. First, scare the heck out of everyone by sueing their pants off and then start providing a legal alternative. It will not be long before we see services popping up over there I predict. Time will tell. :r

The sad thing about this case is from what I’ve read, that it’s not proven at all. According to his website Ralf König admits having spent time on this board, but he denys having uploaded MP3’s or being responsible for this board at all. I know it’s hard to tell if he is saying the truth, but until now it’s not proven that he is lying. There’s just one thing he refuses to tell. But I don’t know what that is.

stop spreading panic, Rainer Ké¶nig didn’t upload a couple of songs on fasttrack, he was running an mp3 site, thus providing all those people who don’t have access to p2p with mp3s, therefore his activity was dangerous. nobody will sue you, if you share a couple of britney songs on fasttrack, because there are too many people who do that, so if they get you, there are enough other people to download from. so these are two different things