German members: AD-7240S in a factory sealed box available?

Members from Germany,

what kind of distributions of the AD-7240S have you seen in german stores/received from german online retailers?

Afaik in general there is
the “Sony Optiarc AD-7240S” in a plastic bag,
the “SONY AD-7240S” in a simple brown box and
the “SONY DRU-870S” in a high quality designed box.

Actually, does the SONY DRU-870S box wear a factory seal at the opener or is it just simply an open box? If not, is the simple brown box available in Germany? Has that one a factory seal on the box?

I will receive the 870s a soon as in a few hours (already changed sig :bigsmile:). I will post back if it’s sold with a factory seal or not…

The Sony DRU thing in the high quality retail box in Media Markt Berlin-Neukölln had some kind of a transparent sticker on it, but not the Plextor kind of security sticker that leaves spots on the packaging.

Thanks kg! Sorry for the delay, I have received mine of course. It’s from and the box had kind of a simple transparent strip that prevents the first part of the folding system of being removed from the inside of the box. Very cheap and simple but also effective. I tested it, the drive could not have been opened without removing that simple strip first. Many thanks again for sharing your observation at the Berlin store.