German lawyer arrested in piracy crackdown



I just posted the article German lawyer arrested in piracy crackdown.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that German police officers have arrested a 46 old lawyer who along with his brothers offered pirated software, games and movies through a…

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Guess what people this lawyer was after before… :* Copyright issues, piracy etc. he is no unknown person in Germany.


:d and the Lawyer mentioned belongs to a pretty well know Munich laywer firm which is well known for putting advertisments in newspapers/magazines asking for Games etc then the poor sods who answer get around 500€ caution from these Solicitors but this just goes to show bloody solicitors are crooks themselves :d


“The German society for the pursuit of copyright infringement said this has been a serious blow to the warez community.” LOL, what a crap. “” was a bunch of losers selling stuff released by others before, they only made ads everywhere and tried to sell it then. Frhrr. von Gravenreuth. :X


“Bernhard S.” Who in the world could that be??? I should call Syndikus or his partner Gravenreuth to ask for Bernhard. Haha, it’s a disgusting truth that they are LAWYERS.


News of the (German) year… :X


:B maybe Gé¼nter will be his lawyer when this goes to court :+