German government: Windows 10 telemetry almost impossible to disable for average user


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Windows 10 sends extensive system and usage information to Microsoft and it’s hard for users to prevent it from doing so, according to a report from a German government body that appeared today. The report was released as part of a study of Windows 10 telemetry carried out by the German Federal Office for Information Security.


I’d be interested in an English version as it seems to be a rather comprehensive report.


Download the German.pdf and then go to Google Translate ( Choose translate document and upload the pdf


I believe Coolcolors has this taken care of.


Unfortunately the document I tried was ‘too large to translate’. Also not sure it would have been particularly suited with likely all the tech jargon but maybe their German translations are better than some of their translations of other languages.

Here’s the page with various downloads for others to check fwiw.


Weird, it did a good job of the German pdf for me - technology eh!