German -DCMA like - copyright law will be valid from September 13th



I just posted the article German -DCMA like - copyright law will be valid from September 13th.

An Chang used our news submit to tell us that much discussed German copyright law will be valid from tomorrow, September 13th. The law that has many times been refered to as the DCMA of…

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I have only to say one thing: it is our right to have the possibility to back up purchased software.


As far as I know, this law only deals with audio and video, not with software.


I thought Ollie said clone cd does not circumvent copyright protection it just copies it along with the real data on the CD. For a true 1:1 copy. Therefore what does Ollie have to worry about?
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I can see the future very clearly, politcal parties deciding are every step… Clearly it has come to this… Boycott all music and software… Yes its difficult but its the biggest voice we have, one that will hit their pockets!