German court rules that RapidShare is legal



German court rules that RapidShare is legal.

[newsimage][/newsimage]RapidShare, an online file hosting site similar to MegaUpload, was ruled legal by a Higher Regional Court in Germany. This ruling comes as a result of a long running legal fight between the file hosting company and a music rights group called GEMA. While the ruling is positive for RapidShare it comes with a necessary condition that makes significantly more work for the company.

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proactive monitoring of external websites

Here is the problem I find vexing whom is going to pay Rapidshare to monitor those sites not surely Rapidshare? The courts must be dulusional to think someone has to monitor a external site when they have no interest in those site but their own site and what goes on their site. This is the problem we have now days rather then go after those sites causing the problem they want RapidShare to be the Policeman or MI-5 or NSA and go after those external site of which could be located in many jurisdication and protected by those nation sovereign rights against foriegn interferance and not to mention international legal mumble jumble that would befall RapidShare. This ruling stinks of high heaven-rather the courts should’ve said RapidShare has no stake or can’t fix or police sites not of their own domain and that would fall to those nations where those sites are located to police and monitor or shutdown those sites…


The Court didn’t rule Rapidshare has to do this for free .
Rapidshare should bill the GEMA and/or the copyright holders for each time they find
a link the court ruled they are to monitor.


[B]Hamburg Higher [U]Regional Court[/U] [/B] is the key in this case, because we have a federal states country.

I think you know what comes next…