German authorities: ‘Smoking also harms your computer’

We’ve just posted the following news: German authorities: ‘Smoking also harms your computer’[newsimage][/newsimage]

The German Federal Office for Information Security warns that e-cigarettes might be harmful for your computer.

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Hmm, I know there are not too many competent hardware hackers out there, and then the next natural question is… How many malicious hardware hackers are there out there?
I would get it if it was wireless (LOL, think about that, an IoT E-cigarette smokeable from the net :bigsmile:).

Of course, it is a good precaution running a USB device-firewall anyway because of possible malicious code found on USB storage media, but I can’t help but thinking the reason given in the article is too much of a storm in a glass of water.

There are a few red flags that I’ve noticed about this article. First off, it’s pretty convenient that the GFOIS is talking entirely about e-cigarettes on a no-smoking day. After all, there are plenty of other devices that could contain malware. Heck, If I wanted to infect someone’s computer, I could just give them a flash drive with an autorun.inf file with an open= key that points to a malicious executable.

Also, never in the history of computers have firewalls been able to protect people against malicous code stored on local hardware. I’m guessing GFOIS doesn’t really know what these “firewall” things are, but have heard some computerphile talk about them. Then, much like Hollywood writers, they through this word into a sentence and hoped like hell they didn’t just embarrass themselves (fun fact: you could actually look this stuff up before embarrassing yourself).

^While you are technically correct, what is commonly known as a USB firewall turns off the ability to either autorun or otherwise make the USB act as a keyboard. In addition, some turn off the possibility to run programs from USB entirely.

One such tool is USB Firewall (site is down atm) but you can read about it here.
Another offer is My Endpoint Protector - The page also offers a product named Autorun Disable.
Both offers are free for personal use.