Geostorm 4K Bluray

Has Anyone Brought Geostorm 4k Bluray from australia yet? ifso plz send Mike from MakeMKV and DeUHD the files thanks

@DB_Russell Apparently Geostorm is not being released on 4K UHD, only DVD / BD & 3D BD.

I’ve checked around for 4K UHD but haven’t been able to find it anywhere! Not happpy!!

April 12 2018 it will be released on UHD in Germany

is out today in Australia

@DB_Russell Are you sure? The DVD and Bluray was released yesterday in Australia but everything I have read suggests that Warner Bros decided not to release a 4K UHD version.

If you have seen a 4K UHD version, can you please tell me where! Thanks…

Curious. Though isn’t UHD region-free?

@DB_Russell And Booktopia’s website says:

“This title is not in stock at the Booktopia Warehouse and needs to be ordered from our supplier.”

They may have not been advised yet that there isn’t a 4K UHD release. Hopefully I am wrong about this but doubtful.

Yes they are

was wondering the same. googling around it appears so…