George Michael abandoning music business, free songs

I just posted the article George Michael abandoning music business, free songs.

Good news for George Michael fans. Quakester2000, neepheid and GristyMcFisty all reported to
us that the 40-year-old pop star is abandoning the music business and
is to…

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Wow I hope this is true? now if only he would start creating simple Acoustic music and kill that poncy crap he has done so far I might even download some :slight_smile: This might even be the start of something great. roll-up roll-up which overpaid rich-bitch is next to give everything freely (Bowie?)

Yeah it’s a good step… Shame about the music though!! The offspring were going to do similar a few years back but sony wouldn’t let them :r

I think he deserves alot of credit for this. Wether you like his music or not is far from the point. The point is he has made his cash and has admitted he doesn’t need anymore(unlike many of his fellow artists). If more follow this fantastic lead it would kill the music industry far quicker than any amount of downloading. I’d be delighted if artists made a few million then released are songs free. Naturally the songs would have to be owned by the bandartist themselves or the greedy labels would not allow it. Very nice move,lets hope more artists follow suit. If more big names made the same move we could see a big panic by the labels,sounds good to me. Seriously give the guy his due,his albums will always sell to his fan base and he could have made millions more no problem. He may well produce more acoustic stuff given the labels will primarily be dictating what is released.

How long before there’s legislation to stop what he’s doing! :d I wonder will any of his previous Record Labels give him any legal problems or try something to throw a spanner in the works, this to them is true evil! almost… communism.

This might become the new Music Busness model. Artist/Groups record new albums themselfs in there own studio, give the music away free on line, and make there money by touring and merchandise (T-Shirts, Etc)

I was applauding him even though I am not a fan, but the previous companies cannot touch him as long as he doesn’t try to release any albums they might have rights to, which obviously won’t include any new music as long as he has no current recording contract. and he battered sony around the head a few years ago to get from under their contract so I doubt anyone can legislate against him. another thing you are forgetting, he is British and it is primarily the USA Recording Industry fighting the last battles before their death, ten years from now we will be looking back at the demise of the recording industry. the RIAA should be renamed ‘CUSTER’ acronym anyone? I do hope more Artists release free via the web and make money touring, I love live music and hate the chart crap.

Am I being cynical or is there a big tax break here too…someone tell me if I am…:X