GeoHot culls quotes from Sony supporting homebrew, OtherOS

GeoHot culls quotes from Sony supporting homebrew, OtherOS.

[newsimage][/newsimage]George Hotz's personal blog "geohot got sued" is if anything an entertaining read. It's part allusion to the frustrations that accompany being the focal point of Sony's anti-hacker litigation, and part off-the-cuff rambling on issues surrounding the court case. Hotz may not be legally allowed to discuss specific details, but that doesn't mean he won't dish on other subjects - like Sony's raid on German hacker Alexander Egorenkov's home and past quotes from the company's upper management which framed homebrew and otherOS capabilities in a much better light. 

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"Originally, Sony touted the PlayStation 3 as more computer than game machine. The ‘father of the PlayStation’ Ken Kutaragi said as much in 2006 mere months before its launch: “We don’t say it’s a game console. PlayStation 3 is clearly a computer."
Has Sony sued and gone after the other computer owners who have changed hard drives, ram chips or OS’s? It’s modified beyond OEM specs. Here they (Sony) have laid a claim that it is NOT a gaming console, but a computer. So logic says that Sony should not have a leg to stand on legally. Unless, they are planning a retro lawsuit on all owners of computers and which one could claim Ex Post Facto, and then give Sony the finger.