Geographic region

I am unable to watch shows on my laptop because geographic region does not allow me too. Is there anyway of unlocking my laptop to be geographic region free. I am from Australia.

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are you trying to watch these shows from an internet based service?


Yes I am.

Hi,[QUOTE=GraceBagajluk;2504358]Yes I am.[/QUOTE]Okay.
It is very easy for web based services to determine where you are from (based on the IP address your provider assigned to your account), and if neccessary to block users from certain countries or ISPs.

Online TV services often have only a license to cover a certain geographic region and are not allowed to permit access to “foreigners”, so they block them.


Use a Proxy.


[QUOTE=platinumsword;2504449]Use a Proxy.[/QUOTE] Sadly Hulu does not work with proxy that easy anymore.