Genuine TY or not?

Came in a stack of 100, no spindle, tacky film wrapped (not shrinkwrap).
DVD size printed sheet labelled DVD+r16X for Professional in 8 languages with warning to update firmware (I have!) labelled Made in Japan Manufactured by Taiyo Yuden Co Ltd
Disk has TY media code according to KProbe (and terrible BLER rate).
Also has on the inner hub TH001333 and 0102
Embossed in the plastic IF525A20109xPH where x is a sequential number, I guess that’s a unique pressing/moulding number.

I’m getting such terrible results that I wonder if they are genuine in which case my drive is suspect.

They’re legit. YUDEN000T03 appears to not be as good as its predecessors. What drive do you have, and could you post a scan?

LiteOn 1633S drive with BS0Y firmware, scans posted here:

smartwombat has a LiteOn 1633S drive and you can see scans in this thread in the LiteOn forum:
1633S BS0Y and T03 media

@smartwombat, your scans are very bad and it’s likely that this is the result of poor support for this media in your BS0Y firmware, but it could also be because you are burning the media at a too low burning speed.

You should try burning the media at a higher burn speed, because the YUDEN000 T03 media usually likes to be burned at the higher speeds in LiteOn drives, so try burning at 16x, 12x and 8x.

You could also try crossflashing your drive to a LiteOn 1653S with unofficial CS0T firmware (see this thread), but judging from this result posted by another user, your drive and T03 media may not be a good combination.

Oh poo.
I just bought 100 of them :frowning:
Well, perhaps it’s an excuse to get a BlueRay compatible drive :slight_smile:

The 1633 is a little old now, and it’s not burning Vermin dual layer discs particularly well. Maybe it’s just worn out.

If I could get results that good I’d be happier !
1200/1300 PI regularly is verging on unreadable I think.

i wouldnt… they are still hugely expensive burners £400+ disks £20+ and still you dont know who will win blu-ray or hd-dvd

& is your dma enabled?

Why are you burning at such a slow speed? Thats most likely the reason the burn is crap.

So the media [I]only[/I] works at high speed?
Interesting, I tried a 12x burn and it verified, but read only at 4x down to 512K in spots.
According to Nero …

General Information
Firmware: BS0Y
Disc: DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03)
Selected speed: 4 X
PI errors
Maximum: 1120
Average: 501.89
Total: 6951544
PI failures
Maximum: 38
Average: 9.16
Total: 407373
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 12:30
Number of samples: 113696
Average scanning interval: 1.09 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

So it’s still not writing right.

Why with the on-drive buffering, will DMA make a difference?
It’s using Ultra DMA mode 6 according to Windows, and the DVD-ROM using Ultra DMA mode 2.

Do a TRT and preferably also a quality scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed.
Those DMA modes are fine!

I’ve done scans with kProbe and Nero, they disagree (I posted the Nero results).

This is the function of the benchmark tab in CD/DVD Speed.