Genuine Ricoh Premium-Grade DVD+R 4X

Is this stuff any good and is the deal worth (
It is RICOHJPN01, isn’t it?

I have I friend in USA who is about to come here to visit me. So I would like to ask him to bring me some good media in Bulgaria (actually difficult to find any quality one around).
Hopefully American freakie mates could be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

PS. Sorry, my burner is BenQ DW1640.

PS2. Or shell I go for this:

“NEW! Genuine Ricoh Premium-Grade DVD+R (DVDR) 4X 4.7GB Silver Shiny Blank DVD Media in Cake Box 100, 200, 500, 1000-Pack”
Then it is ricohjpn01.
Good deal or not depends on the shipping cost. I dont know how much the shipping cost is. As long the total for a spindle of 100 does not exceed $30 then it is a good deal since they are 4x media

The drive’s firmware barely support 4x media and in fact RICOHJPNR01, YUDEN000T01 and TYG01 are NOT supported in firmware BSLB. So those are not good for you.

I’d suggest to find Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R or DVD-R.

They are sale at Best Buy for 17.99 for 50 (Make sure you look for the MIJ and they will most likely be Taiyo Yuden T02 8x+)

I picked up a 100 of these about a month ago,these are RICOHJPN01 and they burn great,but I have come across some in the spindle that did have much higher PIE and PIFs errors than one would expect from RICOHJPN01.
Heres one of the good scans,sorry never saved the bad ones


Nice scan - especially for the 3500 which seems to prefer -R medias-


But there is no gaurantee that you will get the MIJ ones in a given store. Not all areas have MIJ media. IMHO it is better to go with the 8x DVD-R from Just under $40 shipped for 100 of them. Slightly more expensive but then again so are gas prices. @the original post, I would factor in shipping costs to the US address. I agree that if it ends up being more than $30 after shipping that you can definitely do better for the money (ie TY from rima).

Would changing the write strategy with this stuff be a good option though? If I have a quantity of those I would dare to patch a firmware and use it.
Actually I don’t care about higher recording speed - 3-5 minutes more are not of importance. The ones that I’m keen on are quality and longevity.

Which is you preferable media with your BenQ DW1640?

All being very helpful so far

While I think ricohjpnr01 is one of the best out thier, if your firmware doesn’t support it, it still won’t burn good. Also, I would check out allmediaoutlet on reseller ratings. It would seem that they are scammers.

Burns beautifully with the BenQ - this is one of the discs from allmediaoutlet. I just love these discs… I may order 2 million of them! lol

Service was great from allmediaoutlet - no problems at all.

Burned at 8x on the BenQ 1640 using BSIB WOPC on, using RicohJPNR03 strategy. Scanned on the BenQ and on the LiteOn for comparison.

I posted this in the other thread on these discs, just pointing out again that these burn just fine in the Benq 1640, using the current BSLB firmware with no hacking of write strategies.

4x burn on Benq 1640, the PIF spike at the edge is because of a scratch on the disc, the PIF total was under 400 before the scratch.

This is what i’ve been waiting for

Yo tonich-

You may be interested in my scans of the Ricoh R01’s here:

As it says - I have bought 400 this week - because I do not know of any other media - of this quality - that I can get for $19 per 100 plus shipping-


Yo Mike- :slight_smile:

That sound reasonable to me – I would definitely do the same, if I walked in your shoes. (Not to say, I’m a bit jelous, that this lovely media is not available here :sad:

The scans are great, no doubt. The price is great, as well.

But for now I will stay with my already purchased from Rima TY’s. :slight_smile:
Since your post was a little bit late, my friend had already done the good job.
Despite all, you help is much appreciated.

But you should enjoy you burns with Ricoh goodies. Stock up with more of those, so you could ship me some at a later time, after I’ve finished with my TY’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the coupon period over? I can’t seem to get the “ricoh4off” to work.
I just get a message stating that "coupon codes can’t be combined, while the price remains at $23.