Genuine or fake CDs? There is any way of knowing?

How can I be sure that the music CD I bought is genuine and not fake?
(Eg from EBAY or any other CDs store)
There are special signs that can not be fake?
Special stickers?
There is any way of knowing at all?
You just have to trust the merchant?

ebay sellers have a reputation. If you get stuff from a high reputation seller, then you are pretty sure that you’re not getting counterfeit material.

Even if there are stickers or other marks that can guarantee authenticity, you’ll never be sure that these stickers are authentic because a fake picture can be easily made. The only way could be to see in person the disc, but of course this is not always possible.

If you already purchased the disc, what exactly made you suspicious about being a fake? Maybe you got a burned medium instead of a pressed disc?

I just wanted to know if there are special signs that can help to distinguish between real cd and cd fake.

other than receiving “burned” media, there is no easy way to tell.

frankly, there is little margin for profit on anything besides a new release

I have a few, a precious few, pre-release “burned” media albums, but those are "collector items"
that I’d be real suspicious of on buying any auction venue…

“previously owned” music CDs on ebay, or amazon is pretty safe presuming the seller isn’t in China, Russia, the Ukraine, etc


For what I know is very hard to counterfeit pressed discs. The entire procedure to make pressed discs is so costly that unless producing thousands of discs the price is not worth at all.

So a pressed disc is almost certainly genuine :slight_smile: